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Czech Lawyer for Commercial and Litigation Matters

Practice Areas


We assist clients from incorporation of a company to its liquidation, including mergers and acquisitions.​


We assist businesses and employees with all employment concerns.


We help fast-paced entrepreneurs and emerging businesses to solve online technology, advertising, and e-commerce legal issues

Real Estate

We provide high-level expertise in all types of real estate transactions in the Czech Republic.


We represent individuals as well as corporations in a broad range of civil litigations.


We counsel clients on a broad spectrum of data collection and data protection best practices and will assist you with minimizing your company’s risk of a data breach

About the Firm

At machacek legal, we provide high-quality legal services at a reasonable price and believe that when it comes to legal services, no one likes surprises, and the best client is an educated client. That’s why we work hard to make sure our clients fully understand the legal services we are providing and how much those services cost. As a Czech lawyer, I primarily focus on commecial and litigation matters.

We tailor our approach to suit each client’s individual needs and their goals for the outcome of their case. Where appropriate, our firm often uses negotiation as a cost-effective and time-efficient way of reaching a resolution. When a strong position is necessary, or a solution cannot be reached, we draw upon our extensive courtroom skills and litigation background.

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Roman Macháček

Roman is an experienced specialist in corporate, real estate and litigation matters. He is registered as an attorney-at-law with the Czech Bar Association (2017) and as an insolvency administrator with the Czech Ministry of Justice (2018).

Roman graduated from the Faculty of Law of Charles University in Prague (2014). He also studied at the School of Law of University of Sheffield (2011 – 2012).

He strives to find a winning solution in every situation.

Roman is fluent in English and understands French.





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